Bookkeeping (Level 2) - IAB Award, Level 2 (Broadly comparable to SCQF Level 5)

Further your knowledge of manual bookkeeping and gain an accredited qualification in the subject.


North East Scotland College, Scotland (Online)
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Why take this course?

The Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping is accredited by the Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers (IAB).  It is specifically aimed at learners who wish to further their studies of bookkeeping and gain an accredited qualification, either from a point of some previous knowledge, or having already achieved the IAB Level 1 Award in Bookkeeping.

What you will experience

You will learn how to assess your competence in carrying out a range of basic day-to-day bookkeeping routines and activities using a single entry manual book-keeping system. This includes recording business transactions, using the Journal, preparing a trial balance, petty cash and bank reconciliations as well as developing an understanding of the basics of VAT.
The course provides the underpinning knowledge and skills necessary for the purpose of carrying out a range of day-to-day bookkeeping routines and activities using a sub-divided double entry bookkeeping system up to trial balance stage.

This qualification is made up of the following units:

  • Principles of bookkeeping and VAT
  • Financial services and payment methods
  • Prepare and check business documents
  • Record transactions in a sub-divided bookkeeping system
  • Prepare a trial balance and reconciliations

It is suitable for learners who are considering a career as a self-employed practitioner will find the course invaluable, as will businesses owners who would like to be actively involved in the keeping of financial records for their business, as it gives in-depth coverage of manual bookkeeping systems used by businesses.

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