Forest School FOLA training

FSTC'sBlended online and woodland Forest School (FOLA) training levels 5 to 8 starting (online) Tues 23 Apr and (woodland) Thurs 25 Apr (group A) or Thurs 9 May (group B). Candidates will be assigned to group A or B during booking process.


Aline Hill, Wilkieston (A mix of both online and in-person sessions)

Enquire via email to Aline Hill.


FSTC's Forest School training is a blend of experiential woodland learning, complimented by online self-paced and tutorial sessions covering pedagogy, woodland management and health and safety. All levels from 5 - introduction to 8- leader are available on this course. Level 8 price is given below.

About Aline Hill

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Aline Hill, has been at the heart of Forest School training in Scotland since 2009 and is one of Scotland’s most experienced trainers. Aline has co-created Forest School communities with a diverse range of learners, from early years to adult mental health and wellbeing. She also holds an MA Education in Children in the Outdoors 0-5 from University of Birmingham, and continues to be fascinated by the ways that people and the rest of nature can support each other. Aline is also delivers Forest School First Aid training (16-hrs outdoor first aid), getting consistently top ratings for her courses, which are valued for their relevance and hands-on focus. You can view dates here ( (Level 8s require to hold a 16 hour first aid qualification when delivering their 8-session practice forest school block.)

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Women in Forestry

Women in Forestry

The Women in Forestry Practical Training Fund, has been established by Scottish Forestry to support the personal development of women, providing them with additional skills to progress their careers and employment opportunities in forestry beyond their current role.



Blended Learning

A mix of both online and in-person sessions.




  • Lots of Hands On
  • Lots of Reading & Writing
  • Some Watching
  • Lots of Listening
  • Lots of Socialising

Enquire via email to Aline Hill.