IT Applications Software 1 - Broadly comparable to SCQF Level 5

Explore the use of different applications for fast, effective use of IT.


North East Scotland College, Scotland (Online)
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Why take this course?

This Unit is included in the framework of a number of HNC and HND Group Awards, and should ideally be taught and assessed within the particular Group Award to which it contributes.  It is designed to enable you to use IT systems and applications independently to support a range of information processing activities.

You should develop a broad knowledge of the theoretical concepts, principles, boundaries and scope of IT applications. By the end of the Unit you should have learned how to plan for, develop and produce the relevant information requirements of users.

Credit points and level: 1 HN credit at SCQF level 7: (8 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 7)

What you will experience

To meet the requirements of users you will be required to use and develop a broad range of skills in a range of software applications packages, (a minimum of four) such as, word processor, spreadsheet, database, simulation, graphics, communications (internet, intranet, email, etc. . ), audio/music, animation, video, multimedia, desktop publishing, data logging and retrieval, control or other packages. On successful completion you will be able to:

  • Operate a range of IT equipment independently, giving attention to security and to other users
  • Use a range of software packages to meet complex information requirements

In Outcome 1 you will learn about the components of hardware, the functions of operating system tools and how these are used. You will also learn about data security measures and resolving common hardware and software problems. You will learn about all of the elements above in the context of meeting the needs of all users of a computer system.

In Outcome 2 you will learn about how to use a range of software packages to meet complex information requirements.

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