Embryonics Three Day Herdsman Foot Trimming Course

The 3-day Herdsman Foot Trimming Course is LANTRA approved, Farm Assurance accepted and an Industry Standard. Lameness issues have a huge impact on the dairy industry not only from a welfare perspective, but also financially.


Embryonics Ltd, Weaverham (A mix of both online and in-person sessions)
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The course is designed to equip you with the trimming skills you need to reduce instances of lameness on your farm, using the renowned 5 Step Dutch Method. The course is very hands on allowing plenty of time to hone your skills. The course examines the main causes of lameness and the way to prevent it. On this course you will acquire the practical skills to trim your cows’ feet using the 5 Step Dutch Method to both reduce and prevent lameness, leading to better cow welfare and higher farm profits. The course is designed to allow you to acquire the skills to deal with confidence all lame cows as soon as they occur. You will also achieve the skills and knowledge to carry out routine trimming competently and at the appropriate time during a cow’s lactation. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to: - Recognise lameness and grade severity - Know the key features of bovine foot anatomy - Relate these anatomical features to key aspects of physiology – blood supply, normal claw horn growth & overgrowth - Understand the theory of the ‘5 Step Dutch method’ - Safely restrain a cow and pick up feet using a foot crush - Apply the theoretical knowledge of preventative trimming practically - Practically re-enforce the key anatomical & physiological principles learned and relate this back to the practical application of the ‘Dutch method’ - Apply the theoretical knowledge of corrective trimming practically - Recognise the causes of foot lameness in cattle (sole ulcer, white line separation & abscess, digital dermatitis, foul in the foot, slurry heel, inter-digital growth, toe necrosis - Know when and how to apply blocks and bandages - Know when and how to apply medical treatments or seek veterinary attention

About Embryonics Ltd

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Embryonics is a well established, recognised and highly experienced UK wide bovine embryo transfer service and farmer and vet training provider. Over the years we have run training courses for both farmers and farm animal veterinary CPD courses all over the UK, Europe and further afield and more recently ran a range of courses for a delegation of Nigerian farmers. Our courses have high practical content and are designed so that you leave the course with both the confidence and the practical skills to take back to your farm or vet practice. We are a Lantra approved training organisation and work with many of the UK agricultural colleges and provide Farm Skills training courses. We receive great feedback from our students and many of our bookings come from recommendations – have a look at our testimonial page. We run regular courses at locations throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and are happy to arrange bespoke courses at your own farm. We also have a bespoke training farm in Cheshire where many of our courses take place. Our tutors have a wealth of experience either as vets, farmers or farm technicians. Our first overseas instructor, Pieter Kloosterman, instructs the ‘Dutch 5 Step Method’ on the Professional Foot Trimming Course. We work closely in developing our Professional Foot Trimming course with ‘The Dairy Training Centre’ in Friesland Holland and the NACFT.

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Blended Learning

A mix of both online and in-person sessions.




  • Lots of Hands On
  • Some Reading & Writing
  • Some Watching
  • Some Listening
  • Some Socialising

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