SS24HCP507 Exploring Drawing & Sources of Creative Inspiration

The RSN provides a range of embroidery classes for all levels and techniques.


Royal School of Needlework, East Molesey
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This class is part of the RSN International Summer School 2024

This is an in person  class and takes place at Hampton Court Palace.   The class runs over five days  from Monday 19 -Friday 23 August 2024: 10am-4pm.

This five-day intensive drawing and design course will introduce you to the most fundamental skills of drawing and seeing as an artist, exploring traditional principles and experimenting in a playful way. If you have never considered yourself a drawer but want to learn how it supports making your own designs, or you want to refresh rusty skills this course is for you. You’ll gain the tools to see, understand and draw from a wide variety of subject
matter, both in the classroom and as time allows around Hampton Court Palace. We’ll explore as a group how different aspect of drawing can support your embroidery interests, and grow your confidence to move towards producing designs of your own. There will be lotsof positive encouragement and support from Caroline and Sonia, and the class will be run in a mutually supportive way.
Monday and Tuesday. Days 1 & 2: Drawing Basics
You will be introduced to basic media and materials. We’ll explore some fundamental techniques and have a play with the materials. You’ll then practise applying that to drawing what you see, with support. You’ll learn:
How to use graphite drawing pencils to explore and practise mark-making and basic shapes.
How to check proportions are right.
How to see and work with negative shapes – the spaces between things.
How to scale things up and down.
Simple perspective and how that relates to what you see.
On the second day we’ll concentrate on developing your drawing with tone: how light or dark something is -essential for making your drawings look three-dimensional, and for helping designs to ‘read’ clearly.

About Royal School of Needlework

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The Royal School of Needlework is the international centre of excellence for the art of hand embroidery and offers a range of courses for beginners through to advanced. Founded in 1872, the RSN is steeped in history with unrivalled expertise in the techniques of hand embroidery.

We are based at the magnificent Hampton Court Palace in south west London. In addition, we teach across the UK in Bristol, Rugby, Durham and Glasgow, and internationally in North America and Japan. We teach a variety of Online Day & Evening Classes.

The Royal School of Needlework also offers Embroidery Services at its Studio in Hampton Court Palace creating beautiful bespoke commissions for the future as well as restoring historical textiles and bringing heirlooms back to life.

Diplomas, certificates, a degree course and private tuition are also available. Visit the RSN website to discover more!

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