Music in the Forest

A hands on course using wood to make musical instruments and then exploring ways of playing and using those instruments as a group.


Mike Brady, West Lothian

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Music bonds us together, it helps synchronise our bodies and brains. Being in the forest relaxes us and makes us feel good. Bring the two together and something really magical happens. Find out what by joining us on this course. Mike Brady, Forest School Trainer and Michael Philip, Music Teacher and Botanical Recorder for Lanarkshire will use their experiences to help you create your own instruments and guide you in putting them to good use in group performances. We’re expecting you to have some wonderful experiences on the course but we’re also expecting you to go away with the confidence and skills to create your own experiences with your own groups supported by access to our online resources. Click to book

About Mike Brady

I work as a director and associate trainer with the Forest School Training Collaborative. I've been delivering Forest School and outdoor learning training for over 15 years.

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West Lothian

You will need to travel to the course location.




  • Lots of Hands On
  • No Reading & Writing
  • Some Watching
  • Lots of Listening
  • Lots of Socialising

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