CIMA Professional Qualification Management Level (E2, P2, F2)

Course OverviewLearn how to make medium-term business financial goals and confidently use technology and data to manage individual and organisational performance through the CIMA Professional Management Level qualification.


Dumfries and Galloway College, Dumfries and Galloway
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Course Overview

Learn how to make medium-term business financial goals and confidently use technology and data to manage individual and organisational performance through the CIMA Professional Management Level qualification. 

The CIMA Professional Qualification Management Level (E2, P2, F2) is the next certification in your CIMA journey, having sucessfully completed CIMA Professional – Operational Level. 

Individuals will cover three crucial areas that will help excel your career:

  •  E2 - Managing Performance
  •  P2 - Advanced Management Accounting
  •  F2 - Advanced Financial Reporting

With the knowledge of these subjects, individuals can use without issues technology and data necessary when managing an organisations’ performance. Furthermore, they will be able to comprehend financial statements, implement decisions with available resources, and pinpoint business performance.

Upon successful passing of the course, you will be part qualified to obtain designatory letters CIMA Adv Dip MA and can continue to complete the final stage; CIMA Professional – Strategic Level.

We also offer the following CIMA courses:

  •  CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting
  •  CIMA Professional Qualification Package (includes: Operational Level, Management Level and Strategic Level)

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* Based on results of our 2019/20 student satisfaction survey.

** Based on our 2019/20 college leaver survey

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