Transformers - SCQF Level 8

An in-depth introduction to transformers in relation to electrical engineering.


North East Scotland College, Scotland (Online)
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Why take this course?

A transformer is a device used for transforming an AC voltage of one level into a voltage of another level with minimum power loss. Worldwide, transformers are used extensively in electricity supply systems, and many industrial consumers have voltage distribution networks running at high voltages that incorporate transformers.

This Unit has been designed to enable you to develop the knowledge and skills that will allow you to understand the theory and principles of these transformers.

What you will experience

You will begin by learning about the materials and designs used in the construction of transformers. You will then progress to study the operation of transformers. You will learn how to calculate quantities such as efficiency and voltage regulation. Both single phase and three phase transformers will be covered in this Unit. You will learn about the different winding configurations used in transformers, and the conditions required to be satisfied before individual transformers can safely be paralleled together. The operation and application of transformer fittings such as cooling systems and tap changers will be investigated, and the methods of protecting transformers against fault damage will be explained.

In summary, by the end of this Unit you should be able to: explain the construction characteristics of transformers; analyse the operation of single-phase transformers on load; analyse the operation of three phase transformers; and explain transformer protection.

The formal assessment for the Unit will take two forms: a laboratory exercise (or case study) and a written, two hour assessment paper. The laboratory exercise or case study will take place during the delivery of the Unit. The written assessment paper will be carried out at the end of the delivery of the Unit, and it will be conducted under closed book conditions.

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