Grass Cutters – Mowers

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Forde Training Services, Broxburn
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Pre-Shift Operation:

Fluid Levels, Wheels-Rollers, Brakes, Instruments, Lights, Flashing Beacon, Hydraulics, Safety Devices, Steering, Power Take-Off, Couplings, No Debris in Cutters, Guards in Place. (As per operator manual)

Ride On Machines:

  • Drove Machine in Forward and Reverse Motions. Safely, with due regard to site conditions and other users
  • Safely Mowed/Cut an area of grass to the criteria set by the Examiner/Site Agent under normal working conditions and other site users.
  • Using Correct Cutting Depth Setting
  • Using Collection Facility where Required

Cutting Near Highways:

Observed safe working methods including:

  • Placing correct road signs to warn that cutting operations were taking place.
  • Cordoning off an area using barriers to keep pedestrians outside the working area.
  • Using a Banksman / Look Out to warn pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles that cutting is in progress.

End of Shift Procedures:

Parked machine safely on firm level ground, disengaged power take-off, removed ignition key, cleaned cutters, re-fuelled, checked for defects, left machine safe and secure.

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Forde Training Services provide construction plant and safety training to businesses and individuals throughout central Scotland.

We take the time to invest in our own staff and maintain a modern and up-to-date fleet of plant & equipment in order to achieve business excellence in pursuit of our vision.

Our goal is to reinforce our position as a market leader in specialist training in construction plant machinery in West Lothian. We provide first class service to our customers whether it is at our training facilities or at your place of work.

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