NC Sound Production

The NC Sound Production course at Glasgow Clyde College will develop skills in audio technology, recording music, midi sequencing, remixing and much more.


Glasgow Clyde College, Glasgow
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What will I learn?

  • Recording 
    Delivered within a commercial recording studio, you will learn how to record bands and artists using our industry standard Pro Tools HD System 
  • Live sound 
    Delivered between the classroom, the studio and a music venue, you will learn how to reinforce sound for a live music event 
  • MIDI sequencing 
    You will learn how to use Pro Tools and Ableton to sequence MIDI instruments to create and mix a composition 
  • Audio editing 
    You will learn how to manipulate recorded audio and MIDI 
  • Signal path 
    You will learn the fundamental connectivity essential in all areas of Sound Production 
  • Remixing 
    You will learn how to create new music out of existing pieces using sampling and sequencing 
  • Music business 
    You will learn how the UK music industry works and how to monetise your creativity 
  • Music appreciation 
    You will discuss your passion with class and lecturers and learn about various genres of music 
  • Music promotion 
    You will learn how to promote yourself and your creative output 
  • Radio programming 
    You will learn how to record and put together a radio programme and/or podcast. 

About Glasgow Clyde College

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Glasgow Clyde College is a further and higher education college, located in Glasgow.

The college offers a broad range of courses across many subject areas, and has three easily accessible campuses in Glasgow at Langside, Cardronald and Anniesland.

With award winning teaching staff, the college is the largest further education provider in Glasgow and has the highest achievement rates in further and education in the area.

Glasgow Clyde College also has excellent links to universities to allow you to progress to degree level.

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