Emergency Treework Operations Course (Unit 305 / CS50)

The H&W Emergency Tree Work Operations course (unit 305 / CS50) will assist you in being more capable of dealing with trees in emergency situations.


H&W Training, Dumfries

This course is available on the H&W Training website.


This practical course will enable candidates to correctly state the regulations and safety requirements relating to chainsaw use and assess the hazards and risks involved. By assessing lying windblown timber, partially windblown and broken timber, the candidate will be able to take a decision on appropriate action and cut the timber using appropriate techniques and control the movement of root plates.

This course has physical demands and requires the carrying and movement of equipment in woodland and forest environments. This course involves:

  • Hazards and resulting Risk Assessment and Emergency procedures on a work site
  • Hazards may be encountered when working a night
  • Legal and environmental considerations when dealing with damaged trees
  • Prepare the site and chainsaw to work on damaged trees
  • Tension and compression in timber when severing root plates
  • Appropriate cuts to sever the root plate from the stem
  • When it is appropriate to use aid tools when severing root plates
  • Where winches may also be used when severing root plates
  • Select and inspect winch & ancillary equipment, comment on condition and compatibility
  • Inspect uprooted tree, site and anchor point(s) and comment on system to be set up
  • Select suitable winch anchor point, attach cable, tensioning and
  • De-tensioning of winch & knowledge of off-set winching and associated hazards and safety precautions
  • Restrain a root plate of a damaged tree with a hand winch and sever the root plate
  • Dismantle branches and crown from a damaged tree
  • Fell leaning or partially uprooted specimen
  • Methods of dealing with a broken tree section lodged in or on a standing tree
  • Leave site in a tidy condition

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