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Amazon employees - gain a diploma in IT, Admin, Accounting, Networking or Web studies in Edinburgh or Glasgow with Amazon Career Choice at Pitman Training Scotland.


Pitman Training Scotland, Scotland
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Ready to take the next step in your career?

Are you prepared to advance in your professional journey? Career Choice presents an innovative initiative from Amazon, tailored to empower Amazon employees who harbour ambitions beyond the company. Through a collaboration with Pitman Training Scotland, we offer specialised training for in-demand professions, equipping eligible employees with the resources necessary to explore new horizons and chase their dreams.

Pitman Training Scotland has aided numerous Amazon employees in transitioning to fulfilling careers outside the company. Our training programs are designed to enhance confidence and acquire valuable skills, setting you apart in the job market. Have a voucher? Enrol today and embark on your next career chapter!

When you enrol at Pitman Training Scotland through Amazon’s Career Choice program, you can choose from different diploma programs. Professional diplomas are built around the specific skills required for certain roles and are designed to help you progress your career. Experienced course advisors are always on hand to help. Our exceptional levels of support and guidance mean whenever you need advice or encouragement, we’ll be right there by your side.

About Pitman Training Scotland

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Established in 1870, by Sir Isaac Pitman, Pitman Training began with one shorthand school. Today Pitman Training is unique in being not only the oldest and longest running independent training company, but also for having the largest independent UK network of training centres. We are also represented internationally in many overseas countries.

In Scotland, Pitman Training has been around since 1987 when the Edinburgh centre was opened by Fran and Tom Maclean. Starting with shorthand and moving onto typewriters, before the invention of the PC as we know it, our training business has come a long way from those early days.

We quickly established a fantastic reputation for quality courses and qualifications with employers all over Scotland and our range of courses continues to grow. Today we have centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness along with a fantastic distance learning program that allows even the most remote areas of Scotland access to our courses.

Our unique training system allows you to train at times and a pace that suits you, so no more feeling left behind in the class or feeling like you are being held up. Training can be taken in one of our centres or from home using our distance learning software during which you will receive the support of our fully qualified Training Supervisors who have years of experience in training and supporting individuals through their courses.

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