Managing people

This CACHE endorsed short course explores leadership styles and the role of a manager. Learn about Kolb’s learning styles and how this research enables team members to develop their skills.


The Midlands Training Company, Coventry (Online)

This course is available on the The Midlands Training Company website.


This CACHE endorsed short course explores leadership styles and the role of a manager. You will consider how Kolb’s learning styles, along with Honey and Mumford, enables team members to develop skills. Learn how to give and receive feedback assertively and define non-assertive and aggressive behaviour. Aimed at learners working in managerial / supervisory roles in a childcare setting.

Learning outcomes
• You will learn that managing people requires skill, patience, and a level of sensitivity that enables them to pick up how people are feeling
• You will learn about the role of the manager and their responsibilities
• You will learn about Kolb’s Learning Circle
• You will learn how coaching can provide people with more skills and knowledge that enables them to take on new roles

Advantages of this course
• This course offers information about the learning cycle and learning styles, coaching and feedback – invaluable resources to those managing people
• It also introduces other parts of the role of a manager, including monitoring performance, appraising staff, and keeping them motivated
• Additional activities encourage you to reflect on your learning
• There is also suggested extended reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge

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