Trees & Their Uses - Food, Remedies & Crafts!

Join outdoor educator and naturalist Lauren Lochrie of Herbal Homestead for an immersive, arboreal journey to explore a range of common trees and their uses across the seasons. Based at the beautiful Cardross Estate (rural Stirlingshire).


Herbal Homestead, Port of Menteith

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A four-part course; (x4) 4 hour sessions, one in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Dates to be arranged with organiser. Small group sizes. Adults only. Depending on the time of year and tree focus, participants will learn about and prepare different remedies, crafts, and food stuffs from sap, leaves, catkins, roots, twigs, flowers, berries, bark, cones and associated fungi as well as exploring different ways to connect with trees and plants. Based at a permaculture education garden, you will also learn about establishing/ maintaining a food forest with layers of edibility and useful crops. What to expect: - Tree identification and habitat cues - Exploring traditional and modern uses - Trying pre-prepared foraged nibbles, teas and remedies - Harvesting and working with different tree parts to prepare drinks, herbal remedies, tinder, ointments and other useful & decorative items depending on seasonal abundance - Exploring forest garden creation and maintenance - Some activities exploring observational drawings - Some group work exploring intrinsic value & ecological function - Exploring exercises to build deeper connections with trees & plants **Includes follow up recipes, ID guides, and information documents**

About Herbal Homestead

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Facilitating outdoor education & natural wellness via 1. Foraging (wild food, herbal remedies & nature crafts) 2. Homemade workshops (natural health care items; cream, soap, deodorant etc) 3. Homestead-help (food growing, gardening for wildlife & design consultation)

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Port of Menteith

You will need to travel to the course location.




  • Lots of Hands On
  • Some Reading & Writing
  • Some Watching
  • Some Listening
  • Some Socialising

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