Electric Vehicles (USA)

Discover the advantages and opportunities of the electric vehicle and EV recharging sectors. This course covers entry level theory before building upon this with more advanced content.


The Renewable Energy Institute, UK (Online)
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This accredited course equips participants with the latest knowledge on how to evaluate the benefits of electric vehicle adoption and understand the EV & recharging market. The course enables participants to work successfully in the electric vehicle industry, both locally and internationally; and is suitable for those with both a basic and advanced understanding of the sector.

  • Overview of electric vehicles
  • EVs and sustainability
  • EV technology
  • Battery technology
  • Overview of charging infrastructure/electric vehicle supply equipment
  • Charging station deployment
  • U.S. charging station deployment
  • Issues limiting adoption of EVs
  • EV financing and development
  • Government policies promoting EV deployment (local, state, national, and international)

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