Project Management

Learn how to effectively manage projects of all types and sizes, and the benefits of efficient project management. This course covers entry level theory before building upon this with more advanced content.


The Renewable Energy Institute, UK (Online)
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This accredited course equips participants with the latest knowledge on how to manage projects successfully, create an efficient project plan and encourage effective leadership and teamwork. The course enables participants to work successfully in the project management industry, both locally and internationally; and is suitable for those with both a basic and advanced understanding of the sector.

  • Core components of project management
  • The benefits of effective project management
  • Project environment and PESTLE analysis
  • Roles and responsibilities within a project
  • Purpose and the business case
  • Production of an efficient project management plan
  • Stakeholder management and analysis
  • Successful leadership and teamwork
  • Configuration management and change control
  • Procurement
  • Project risk management process
  • The communication plan
  • Project reporting

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