SS24LEX504 The Coronation Carriage NEW - LEXINGTON

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Royal School of Needlework, England
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This class is part of the RSN International Summer School 2024

This is an in person  class and takes place at The Sayre School, Lexington, Kentucky, USA  The class runs over five days  from Monday 22 - Friday 26 July 2024: 10am - 4pm (EST).

The Coronation Carriage is a triptych class where 3 individual designs will be worked over the five days. A day will be dedicated to the horse, one day to the footman and the final three days  will be spent on the carriage.

The horse will be worked in Silk Shading with a wired silk saddle, kid leather hooves and a loose thread tail and mane. There will also be a suede harness running to the main piece.

The footman will be padded with applied fabric breeches, wired silk tunic with kid leather boots and helmet.

The carriage is worked with layers of applied fabric, both flat to the surface and over padding. There are many forms of padding explored throughout, from felt padding, soft string padding and hard string padding (under wheels).

There are several areas of Or Nué with additional couched details running through other elements of the carriage. There is pearl purl used throughout this piece, several areas of chipping and assorted areas of cutwork and spangled S-ing. The final details are worked in small iridescent crystals and beads.

Overall this class is an ambitious, intermediate to advanced class where Goldwork is explored in detail with many areas of consolidation so techniques can be visited more than once. The Silk Shading and wired silk add extra depth, dimension and technique to this commemorative design based on a photograph taken outside Buckingham Palace on Coronation Day.

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