Introduction to Leading and Managing People and Teams

This 2 day course is designed to help equip you with the knowledge and skills required for success, and provide a solid foundation for future leadership and Management development.


Ayrshire College, Scotland (A mix of both online and in-person sessions)
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Leading and managing a Team can seem daunting for those starting out on their leadership journey. This course is designed to help equip you with the knowledge and skills required for success, and provide a solid foundation for future leadership & Management development. The course has a strong practical focus and will benefit those who are new to leadership, or looking to make the step towards leading and managing people and teams. Course Content: • Understanding Leadership: Identifying style, behaviours and areas for improvement for continued development • Development planning: Identifying where teams are in their individual development, analysing where leaders can provide assistance in development, and setting objectives that will deliver tangible results • Team development: Going on the journey together as a team. Focusing on team development activities and tools that will enhance team performance and productivity, as well as promote effective communications and collaborative working practices • Tools for emerging leaders: Creating awareness of additional leadership functions, such as performance management, managing change and resistance, and collaboration & planning tools that will assist in effective leadership. Participants will gain a wide variety of skills that will enhance their value as a leader within any organisation, and they will leave the course with increased confidence in their abilities, as well as a range of tools that can be utilised when leading individuals and teams. Attendees will also benefit from increased knowledge of the skills required in order to successfully grow and develop a high performing team.

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Our aim is to serve the people, communities and employers across Ayrshire. Ayrshire College plays a key role in helping to develop the economy in Ayrshire, by ensuring that students develop the right skills and positive attitudes to support the local, regional and national workforce needs. Ayrshire College offers a range of courses targeted at individuals who are looking to develop their professional or technical skills and those who are simply interested in the joy of learning. We are offering, on-line, face-to-face and a mix of day and evening classes across a range of subjects including leadership and management, digital skills, and aeronautical sector specific courses All forthcoming courses are outlined here and on our website and we will continue to develop new offerings over this year and beyond so please watch this space! Book your place now and we look forward to supporting your training.

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Blended Learning

A mix of both online and in-person sessions.




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  • Some Reading & Writing
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  • Lots of Listening
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