Developing Personal Confidence & Self Awareness - Online certificate

Learn how to develop self-awareness and personal confidence.


North East Scotland College, Scotland (Online)
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Why take this course?

This course teaches how to look at personal behaviours in situations where feeling confident or a lack of confidence, areas of low confidence, as well as uncomfortable social situations and the reasons for these.


What you will experience

Review examples of behaviour which may be inappropriate in such situations, and how to change attitudes and behaviour to participate more effectively.

Look at scenarios that cause stress, how to recognise feelings of stress and techniques to reduce it and improve well-being.

Plan short-term goals, action plans to meet them, how to identify and record achievements, and how goal setting can affect confidence

  • Section 1: Understand reasons for feeling confident and lacking confidence
  • Section 2: Understand effective participation in social situations
  • Section 3: Understand ways to manage stress
  • Section 4: Be able to set goals for own development

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