Supporting People with Down's Syndrome

Explore Down's Syndrome and how it can affect the way people think and behave.


North East Scotland College, Scotland (Online)
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Why take this course?

This short e-learning course is perfect for continuing professional development, and is ideal for those working within the health and social care sector, as well as teachers, parents and community support staff. The course examines how Down’s Syndrome can affect individuals in terms of health (in both the short and long term) as well as their general safety and ability to communicate. The course also considers how to help people overcome some of these difficulties, whilst examining how integration into the community and employment possibilities can help those with Down’s Syndrome to live more fulfilling lives.

What you will experience

The course is broken down into four easy steps – an introduction and three study units:

  • What this condition means to people, and the help/support they would like
  • The skills required to support someone with this condition
  • The impact of Down’s Syndrome and the difficulties that can arise
  • How support workers can make things easier for people with this condition

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