Supporting People with Diabetes Mellitus

Helping learners to understand this condition and provide adequate care and support to those who need it.


North East Scotland College, Scotland (Online)
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Why take this course?

This e-learning course is broken down into three easy-to-follow units – an introduction and two study units. It aims to raise awareness about diabetes types one and two, the symptoms, causes and the treatments available.

The course will help learners to understand the implications of having the condition and therefore enable them to provide the people in their care with the support and guidance they need.

What you will experience

Unit 1: You will receive an introduction to the course.

Unit 2: Helps learners provide effective support for service users with diabetes mellitus. After completing this Unit, learners will understand the difference between Diabetes Types 1 and 2, as well as some of the causes and the symptoms to look out for. Learners will then develop an understanding of insulin, how it should be produced and how treatments for diabetes aim to help people with insulin deficiencies. The Unit then focuses on how a balanced diet can help people with the condition to live healthier and happier lives.

Unit 3: Explores what is meant by a normal level of sugar in the blood. Learners will look at this in relation to monitoring and balancing this for the diabetics they support and will look at the complications and health issues that can arise as a result of having high sugar levels. The Unit also considers ways of helping people to overcome these difficulties and to avoid – or at least delay – the onset of any serious health problems.

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