Getting Started with Information Security

In this course, you will learn the key concepts of different security topologies and the key role they play in network security. You will explore DevOps practices,...


Pitman Training Scotland, Scotland
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In this course, you will learn the key concepts of different security topologies and the key role they play in network security. You will explore DevOps practices, such as continuous security and security monitoring, the benefits of using DevOps, and best practices of DevOps security. You will discover the importance of implementing security governance in an organisation.

You will examine the strengths and weaknesses of a honeypot and how it is placed in networks. (A honeypot system is configured to detect, deflect, or counteract any unauthorised attempt to gain access to information.) You will explore why pen testing is needed to ensure secure environments and investigate tools used for pen testing. And you will learn about key Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) concepts, such as defense and best practices.

You will also examine key features of network access control (NAC), the importance of NAC in a network, various NAC elements, authentication, and its implementation. You will explore key concepts related to subnetting, virtual machines (VMs), containers, and DNS security. And you will explore the common protocols in use and discover the security issues of the transmission control protocol / Internet protocol (TCP/IP) model and security protocols.

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Established in 1870, by Sir Isaac Pitman, Pitman Training began with one shorthand school. Today Pitman Training is unique in being not only the oldest and longest running independent training company, but also for having the largest independent UK network of training centres. We are also represented internationally in many overseas countries.

In Scotland, Pitman Training has been around since 1987 when the Edinburgh centre was opened by Fran and Tom Maclean. Starting with shorthand and moving onto typewriters, before the invention of the PC as we know it, our training business has come a long way from those early days.

We quickly established a fantastic reputation for quality courses and qualifications with employers all over Scotland and our range of courses continues to grow. Today we have centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness along with a fantastic distance learning program that allows even the most remote areas of Scotland access to our courses.

Our unique training system allows you to train at times and a pace that suits you, so no more feeling left behind in the class or feeling like you are being held up. Training can be taken in one of our centres or from home using our distance learning software during which you will receive the support of our fully qualified Training Supervisors who have years of experience in training and supporting individuals through their courses.

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