Cyber Security - NPA (SCQF Level 5)

Learn about data security and how to secure your data if it is stolen by a malicious individual and how to stay safe from malicious attacks.


North East Scotland College, Aberdeen
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Why take this course?

Want to find out what cyber security is all about? This course will introduce you to the main aspects of cyber security, such as data security, ethical hacking and digital forensics. Cyber security is growing and won’t stop. You hear about data breaches all the time so find out how you can help reduce the attacks on the computing industry and be one of the good guys.

What you will experience

During this course, you will undertake the role of a Cyber Security Analyst as you trace an attack and try to gather evidence against an individual.

You will also learn:

  • Why data is so important and why malicious individuals do what they do;
  • About the types of attacks that can occur on websites, computer networks and PCs;
  • How to protect your data so that it is unreadable to a malicious individual;
  • How Cyber Security Analysts trace the attacks and gain evidence for court cases/criminal cases.

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