A Deeper Understanding of Concussion

This short course will take your understanding of Concussion and Head Injury Assessment further than is possible on a first aid course. Includes a Concussio ...


First Aid Training Cooperative, Scotland
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The presentation consists of 1 hour and 20 mins of self paced learning, which can be started and stoped as you please.  It takes you through a presentation that remains non-technical whilst covering the following aspects: 

  • Head Injury Reminder - Three types of Head Injury.
  • What is concussion? Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) classification.
  • Mechanics of a mTBI. What is actually happening to the brain during various forms of trauma.
  • Second Impact Syndrome - fatal in c. 50% of cases where an existing concussion has not healed.
  • Long term impacts of concussion.
  • The Job of the First Aider.
  • How to Perform a Head Injury Assessment. A detailed look at the Concussion Recognition Tool, and how to use it in practice.
  • Red Flag Symptoms
  • Observable signs
  • Physical Head Injury Assessment
  • Symptoms of Concussion
  • Cognitive Ability Assessment
  • What to do if you suspect a concussion
  • Ongoing monitoring and casualty management 
  • Baseline testing
  • Concussion Recovery Overview and general advice

The course includes a free download of the Concussion Recognition Tool

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