Where to Start with Scotch Whisky

FREE RESOURCE One of our whisky lecturers, Dr Gordon Steele, explains in five easy-to-follow video lessons how a little insight can go a long way when it comes to boosting your appreciation and enjoyment of Scotch whisky.


Edinburgh Whisky Academy, Edinburgh
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Driving excellence in whisky education

Study whisky: explore your passion, kickstart your career

Whether your goal is to change careers, upskill or to simply get more enjoyment from your favourite drams, Edinburgh Whisky Academy is the perfect place to build the foundation of your brand neutral whisky knowledge.

Our innovative and award-winning approach to whisky education means candidates learn directly from experts, distilling years of insight and experience into concise SQA-certified courses that are intensive, industry relevant but above all fun and engaging.

Study whisky with us online (wherever you are in the world) or in-person (at Arniston House near Edinburgh). You’ll come away with the satisfaction of having learned more about all things aqua vitae and the incomparable certification to impress your friends or land your dream job in the industry.

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