Effective Meetings and Impactful Time Management

This 1 day course is designed to tackle the problem of ineffective meetings.


Ayrshire College, Scotland (A mix of both online and in-person sessions)
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This course designed to tackle the problem of ineffective meetings. Participants will learn how to design a meeting structure which best meets the needs of the organisation. By exploring good practice and benchmarking meeting etiquette against other organisations we will examine areas for possible improvement. In addition the course will provide attendees with a wide range of time management techniques and tools that can be implemented into busy working lives. Course Content: • Setting clear objectives within meetings • Audience awareness & relevance • Key roles within meetings • Aligning meeting format to purpose • Innovative ways of meeting to increase engagement & output • Post-meeting outcome monitoring and progression • Importance of Goal Setting • Prioritisation of tasks & tools to support this • Self-Awareness of current behaviours • Time Management Techniques • Planning tools and applications Attendees will also gain knowledge of the key roles within a meeting and a variety of ways of holding and controlling a meeting. Individuals will gain an increased knowledge of a range of the latest meeting audience engagement tools, as well as a range of tools that they can utilise to progress outcomes from meetings. In addition to this attendees will have increased knowledge of a range of time management tools and techniques & planning aids that can be adopted within the workplace in order to enhance individual and team productivity.

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A mix of both online and in-person sessions.




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