Certified Lean Practitioner Training Course

Our 3 day Certified Lean Practitioner training course is an intensive program designed to equip delegates with a deep understanding of lean principles and tools with no Six Sigma.


Ayrshire College, Scotland
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The Certified Lean Practitioner training course is an intensive program designed to equip delegates with a deep understanding of lean principles and tools. With a focus on improving efficiency, reducing waste, and enhancing value for the customer, this course offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored specifically around Lean, with no Six Sigma. Throughout the course, participants will learn the fundamental concepts of lean methodology and how it can be applied to their organisations. They will gain a solid foundation in lean principles such as continuous improvement, waste reduction, and respect for people. By mastering these principles, delegates will be able to identify inefficiencies in their processes and implement sustainable solutions to improve business performance. The course is designed to be highly interactive, with a combination of theory and hands-on exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to apply lean principles and tools to real-life operational scenarios, allowing them to gain practical experience and develop problem-solving skills. By the end of the Certified Lean Practitioner training course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of lean principles and tools specifically tailored to their industry. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive process improvement initiatives within their organisations, resulting in enhanced customer value, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. Overall, this training course provides delegates with the necessary tools and knowledge to become effective Lean Practitioners, capable of driving positive change and improving overall value for their customers.

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Our aim is to serve the people, communities and employers across Ayrshire. Ayrshire College plays a key role in helping to develop the economy in Ayrshire, by ensuring that students develop the right skills and positive attitudes to support the local, regional and national workforce needs. Ayrshire College offers a range of courses targeted at individuals who are looking to develop their professional or technical skills and those who are simply interested in the joy of learning. We are offering, on-line, face-to-face and a mix of day and evening classes across a range of subjects including leadership and management, digital skills, and aeronautical sector specific courses All forthcoming courses are outlined here and on our website and we will continue to develop new offerings over this year and beyond so please watch this space! Book your place now and we look forward to supporting your training.

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Trainer will travel 20 miles.




  • Lots of Hands On
  • Some Reading & Writing
  • Lots of Watching
  • Lots of Listening
  • Lots of Socialising

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