Intermediate: Singletrack Essentials.

Singletrack Essentials. Glentress is designed to help you identify lines to carry momentum through joined up, more challenging trail features.


Ridelines MTB, Tweeddale
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Intermediate: Singletrack Essentials.

With our Introduction to single track Course, you can get to grips with the more challenging trails you really want to ride for starting your journey into harder red graded trails.

Held on the more technical, traditional trails of Glentress (not the new flow trails) If you want our flow trails course, click HERE. This improver  course is an introduction to furthering your skills if you want to ride more challenging singletrack. Think rocks, roots and flatter corners. We’ll look at ways to find grip by moving the bike underneath you and promoting a range of movement between you and your bike. We’ll help you with the thought process to identify creative lines on the trail and carrying momentum through more complex sections of joined up features.

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This course lasts around 5 hours. At the end of our Introduction to singletrack course you’ll have a solid structure to your riding for long term development and improvement. Above all we’ll get you thinking about, working on and developing your riding.

If you have any questions about this course, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

Minimum age is 15. Parent consent is required for anyone under the age of 18.



About Ridelines MTB

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Ridelines are a mountain bike tuition company based in the Tweed Valley, Scotland. Started by Andy Weir started in 2011 with the goal of bringing his passion for mountain biking to people who lacked the confidence or ability to take their riding forward. It was simply a dream of his to take the sport he enjoyed and make a living from it. Something we can all relate to? Seven years later Ridelines has moved on to be one of the most respected businesses in this sector.

We are based in Innerleithen, the spiritual home of Scottish MTB and Since our beginnings, we have been inseparable from the Tweed Valley MTB scene. At one time or another, we have contributed and donated time to almost all of the local cycling clubs and organisations from the early days of the Bike Patrol, right up the present day with groups like Tweed Valley Riders, Tweedlove and DMBinS.

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